Today Simple Technology introduced a 512 MB CompactFlash Type II Flash Memory card, featuring up to 3MB/s write speeds and the robustness of flash memory they certainly look like an attractive proposition. Until you consider the price, entering the market at a cool $1,599 that prices the Simple Technology 512 MB CF Type II card at $3.12/MB, compare this to IBM's 1 GB CF Type II Microdrive at $0.48/MB. Hmmm.. think I'll stick to the Microdrive.

SimpleTechnology Introduces World's Highest Density CompactFlash Card; New 512MB Card Utilizes Company's Patented IC Tower Stacking Technology

SANTA ANA, Calif., Oct. 30 -- Simple Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: STEC - news), a leading manufacturer of solid state flash storage and custom memory solutions, announced today that it has taken the lead in offering the highest capacity CompactFlash(TM) card in the world. Simple Technology's new 512MB CompactFlash card type II uses Simple Technology's proprietary Stacking Technology.

"This is another product showcasing Simple Technology's leadership in Flash card technology and high-density packaging,'' said Manouch Moshayedi, chief executive officer of Simple Technology. "With the introduction of the 512 we have surpassed global competition in the high density CompactFlash card.''

Today's highest-density Flash component is a 512 MBIT chip which is equal to 64MB of storage," said Mark Moshayedi the chief technology officer of the company. ''We combined this latest silicon wafer with our own patented IC Tower(TM) stacking technology and produced the highest density CompactFlash card available in the world, this card also uses a high speed controller which allows write speeds of up to 3.0MB per second."

Simple Technology's high-density 512MB card is ideal for a variety of markets, ranging from professional digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and other consumer products. Industrial applications include the telecommunications, networking and embedded computing where the size, reliability and durability of our solid state CompactFlash cards are needed. "Serving this class of products to such a wide variety of users -- OEMs to consumers -- is only possible through a comprehensive network of engineering, manufacturing and focused sales and marketing channels, said Jeanclaude Toma, vice president of marketing at Simple Technology(TM).

Practical applications

For the professional photographer with a high resolution digital camera, the 512 translates to multiple high resolution pictures back-to-back without having to change CompactFlash cards during the photo shoot. What the 512 CompactFlash card means to a consumer with a digital video camera is about one hour of filming time.

The 512MB CompactFlash card, with its reliability and durability, is also a perfect fit for our OEM customers who manufacture routers, switches, Compact PCI- and VME-based boards used in telecom/networking and other embedded computing systems. These systems eagerly consume the high capacity of the 512MB card by storing dedicated firmware and information that need to be protected and remotely accessed on the field with no interruption to the service. Users of such systems such as banks, telcos and other information- sensitive users, have to rely on durability and 10-year data retention of these types of flash cards to protect against down time and loss of valuable corporate information. Simple Technology assures the broadest level of card functionality, independent of environmental conditions, offering cards that span commercial, extended and industrial temperature ranges.

  • Key features of Simple Technology's CompactFlash card family:
  • CompactFlash, ATA, PC Card standards compatibility
  • 32MB to 512MB Capacity (Type I - Type II)
  • Hot swappable, ideal for live system insertion and extraction
  • 5V and 3.3V power supply operation support
  • Data transfer rate of 8 Mbytes/sec burst
  • Compatible with PC card socket services (Release 2.1 or later)
  • Write speeds of up to 3.0MB per second


Simple Technology's 512MB CompactFlash card has a suggested retail price of $1,599.00. Simple Technology cards come with a one-year warranty. The cards are available from Simple Technology ( and its OEM Division, SiliconTech (