Four full-size images from the Fujifilm X-Pro1 have been released by the two photographers commissioned to shoot with the camera (apparently using a pre-production unit). Australian photojournalist Michael Coyne and landscape photographer Christian Fletcher are shooting with the camera and have published four images taken with the 18mm lens, alongside a video explaining their first impressions. All the images, shot at a range of ISO settings, have been passed through Photoshop, according to the EXIF, but are said to be unprocessed. (via PetaPixel)

(Ignore all the talk of 'raw' images - they appear to mean not post-processed)

Following a request from Christian Fletcher, we've removed links to the images to prevent his server being overloaded.

© Christian FletcherISO 4001/200th, F5.6 © Christian FletcherISO 400 1/300th, F8
© Michael CoyneISO 10001/200th, F3.6 © Michael CoyneISO 64001/250th, F3.2

First Impressions video