You can choose from three different types of ramen for your smart device holder according to your culinary preferences. And, for your viewing pleasure, you can position your smart device horizontally or vertically.

We've heard of the ramen burger, which has ousted the cronut  from its prominent position as the latest New York food craze but we never expected to see a faux bowl of ramen that, thanks to an indent in the center of its plastic food, doubles as a smartphone/tablet stand. This is probably more absurd than even the eggs-on-toast iPhone case, although the latter ranks right up there as a laugh-inducing accessory as well. 

Although we have a good sense of humor, we'd rather spend time on the long line to spring for a ramen burger (or a real bowl of ramen) than spend an estimated, head-shaking, eyebrow-raising USD price of  $99 for a plastic ramen stand. 

Like those (un)appetizing food samples you find in shop windows, the ramen bowl doesn't look particularly appealing and, if we had a choice, we'd rather have a real bowl of ramen to slurp while we surf. If we see faux, plastic cups of latte with an indent at the local Starbucks counter, we're going to run the other way.

Our thanks to Rocket News 24 for tickets to the virtual dinner theater of the absurd (and for the screenshots). We're bookmarking the site now so we can keep up with the next big thing in smart device accessories. Maybe a a heated, scented ramen bowl stand for the upcoming winter months?