Data storage product manufacturer G-Technology has revamped its Evolution series and has added adapters to make its family of docks and drives more flexible. The new 8-bay G-Speed Studio XL comes with a maximum capacity of 48TB across six of its bays and a pair of adapters that allow the company’s ev Series portable storage drives to be also plugged in. G-Technology says that these adapters will speed up copying and backing up of images and video footage, with content transfer rates of up to 1,200MB per second. External connection comes via a pair of Thunderbolt 2 ports that allow the dock to be daisy-chained with other storage media.

The Studio XL can be configured for RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 and will be available in capacities from 18TB at a cost of £1867/$2799.95. A 24TB version is expected to retail at £2000/$2999.95, while 36TB will be £2667/$3999.95 and 48TB will be £3333/$4999.95 – from next month.

The company also launched a reader for Red Camera's Mini-Mag media 'card'. The reader connects with G-Dock ev docking stations as well as the G-Studio XL, mentioned above, via the adapter bays. The ev Series Reader RED Mini-Mag Edition will cost £133/$199.95 and is compatible with the company's All-Terrain Case3 that protects it from bumps and water.

A new G-Dock ev Solo has been announced that features USB 3.0. The dock works with the Evolution series hard drives and can transfer at rates of up to 400MB per second. It will cost £67/$99.95.

Finally, the company also launched a FireWire adapter that allows the connection of ev drives to FireWire 800 ports. The ev Series FireWire Adapter costs £33/$49.95.

For more information on these products visit the G-Technology website.