The BubblePod spins your smartphone 360 degrees.

After showing you the Kickstarter project Spinpod last week, we've come across two more spinning smartphone gadgets which seek to improve your panoramic photography. 

The BubblePod rotates your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry 10 a full 360 degrees to capture a "Bubble" image — and sound — using the BubblePix App. Its developers promise you'll be able to shoot and share these immersive images in under a minute. Existing panorama apps will also work. No battery is required -- the BubblePod works by winding it up. You can get some extra lift using the built-in universal tripod mount or wine bottle insert mount. Bubble examples on the BubblePod's Kickstarter page are truly impressive and worth a look.

The Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable can be set to capture panoramic shots between 90 and 360 degrees.

Already on the market, the Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable ($30.59 through can be set like a kitchen timer to capture a customized pan between 90 and 360 degrees. The Smartphone Time-lapse Turntable is compatible with all time-lapse and panoramic apps on the market and looks like it would fit most smartphones. Small cameras can also be mounted to the device.