Datalight - click to visit siteDatalight DOS Selected for Canon's New Line of Digital Still Cameras

Business Wire:

Datalight announced today that its popular ROM-DOS has been selected as the operating system for a new line of digital still cameras that include the Canon PowerShot Pro70 that will be available in the USA later this quarter.

This is the second Camera from Canon since spring, 1998 to make use of Datalight's ROM-DOS. ROM-DOS is a fully compatible MS-DOS work-alike.

The incorporation of ROM-DOS into their new line of digital cameras allows Canon to take advantage of a proven technology. As Yukichi Niwa, Advisory Director of the Digital Imaging Business Group of Canon, explained, "Canon's basic philosophy is conventional camera-like full flatness and reliability. We selected Datalight DOS because of its less than 50KB lightness, the file system reliability and because it is a long lasting and well-understood platform."

Datalight has licensed more than one and one-half million units of ROM-DOS over the past five years, making it a veteran operating system for both consumer-level and embedded-system products, and ROM-DOS shipments show no signs of slowing. "Actually, DOS usage is on the increase." stated Tim Gillman, Vice-President of Marketing at Datalight, Inc. "This increase is due primarily to the need for DOS in higher-volume products, especially in the consumer area."

Another reason for high confidence in ROM-DOS is Datalight's level of product support. Datalight is committed to the full support of its DOS for the next five years, longer if the market so demands. This level of support ensures forward compatibility for future products in the years to come, not just for Canon, but for all manufacturers that include Datalight's DOS in their products.

Datalight develops and licenses professional quality system software that includes operating systems and development tools for the Intel Architecture. The company's other products include: FlashFX(TM), a portable and full-featured flash file system; WinLight(TM), a Windows work-alike GUI; Sockets, a TCP/IP stack for ROM-DOS and WinLight and the DL BIOS(TM), designed specifically for AMD processors. Throughout the world, numerous companies, representing various technologies, depend on Datalight software for a multitude of industrial and consumer applications.

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