Nikon N90s
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Nikon N90s

History: The N90s, also know as the Nikon F90x in Europe, first debuted in 1994 and was manufactured until 2001. Geared toward advanced amateurs, this camera sounds quite advanced on paper, for a film SLR. Features like 3D Matrix metering, a top plate LCD, 4.1 fps continuous shooting in AF-C and a 1/8000 sec max shutter speed sound like digital camera specs. But don't get too ahead of yourself, it has only a single AF point and AF performance does not compare to that of modern DSLRs. Still the camera is quite capable. And it runs on four ubiquitous AA batteries, which is a plus.

Why we like it: The turn of the century was an interesting time for camera makers: as consumers slowly began to shift from film to digital, a lot of advanced film cameras debuted at a time when the market was drying up. In a sense, the N90s offers nearly the same feel and handling of a modern Nikon DSLR in a film SLR body. If you're a Nikon digital shooter, there's simply no reason not to pick one of these up just to try. They are fantastic.

'The N90s offers nearly the same feel and handling of a modern Nikon DSLR, in a film SLR body.'

Buy one: It's kind of crazy how cheap these cameras can be had. On eBay, expect to pay between $40-$120. Plus, they are easy to find in working order because of how recently they were manufactured. Just don't expect to find a sweet deal on one with with a lens included. Oh and be aware, the rubberized coating on the body can become unpleasantly sticky with age, especially if the camera was stored in a warm environment.

Photo credit: Amydet at English Wikipedia