Nikon L35AF
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Nikon L35AF

History: Introduced in 1983, the L35AF was Nikon's first compact with autofocus capability. Its sharp 35mm F2.8 lens and simple design led it to become a marketplace hit. The camera is fully automatic, but does have a +2EV exposure compensation lever on the front of the body. The metering cell is located directly below the lens and the camera can accept filters. It also has a built-in pop-up flash.

Why we like it: At first glance, the L35AF looks like a cheap, plastic camera. But looks are deceiving. This camera is in fact a gem (the body is actually metal with a plastic shell). As mentioned, the lens is sharp, and metering is accurate. AF is also surprisingly accurate. Plus, the camera is powered by two generic AA batteries. Technically-speaking, this is an outstanding film point and shoot. The only down side is the camera is a tad chunky.

'The L35AF looks like a cheap, plastic camera. But looks are deceiving because this camera is in fact a gem.'

Buy one: You can expect to pay between $60-150 for one of these cameras, in working order, on eBay. However the L35AF often turns up in thrift store bins and at rummage sales. Spend a little time hunting and you might find one for under $10. There is also the Nikon L35AD, which is the same camera as the L35AF, but with an autodate function.