Mamiya M645
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Mamiya M645

History: The Mamiya M645 was the company's first 6 x 4.5 format SLR-style camera and was manufactured from 1975-1987. It uses an electronic focal plane shutter and features an interchangeable finder and focus screen, but not interchangeable film backs. The camera uses a generic 6 volt camera battery. There are several different versions available including the M645 1000 and the budget-friendly M645J.

Why we like it: These are beautiful cameras both to hold and to operate. Not only that, they are also mechanically reliable. And while there are more feature-packed 6 x 4.5 cameras on the market (including many from Mamiya), few are as affordable as the original M645.

'There are more feature-packed 6 x 4.5 cameras on the market, but few are as affordable or reliable as the original M645.'

Buy one: These cameras are easy to find in working order. You can expect to pick one up on eBay, with a lens, for between $250-350. Note: the M645J model (shown in the image above) is a stripped down version of the M645 for slightly less cash (it has a limited shutter speed range, no mirror lock-up, and one shutter release as opposed to two).