Phase One has announced Capture One version 3.6 for Mac which converts raw files from the following cameras: Canon 1Ds MKII, 20D, Pro 1, G5, G3, G2, Fuji S3, Olympus C-8080WZ, Konica Minolta A1, A2 and Maxxum 7D (Alpha 7). Users of C1 LE, SE or PRO can get an upgrade for free or you can get a free 30-day trial. C1 for Windows is expected around December 20.

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Press Release:

C1 v3.6 Release Update available for download!

We are pleased to announce that V3.6 of our C1 RAW Workflow software is available for download for Mac users. The Windows version will follow shortly, currently planned for around the 20th of December. While we would prefer a simultaneous release for our Mac and Windows users, because the Mac version is now in final release candidate form, we see no reason to hold up the Mac version to align it with the Windows release. As per our quality policies, we will not release any software versions until they meet all of our quality standards, and the Windows version needs a little more test time to reach that point.

The V3.6 is a free update to all of our C1 users of LE, SE and PRO versions.

The downloads will be available on: