Many people have emailed me reporting problems with the forums and the latest release of the personal firewall / ad blocking software Zone Alarm Pro. It appears that this software isn't very smart and can't tell the difference between our embedded thread lists (which are a javascript file) and an advert so they simply block it. This means that you won't see the forums or thread lists. This software also disguises your session and makes you look like a SPAM bot to our trap software. My advice, use personal firewalls as they are a good thing but Zone Alarm Pro isn't very smart, disable its ad blocking services.

How to fix Zone Alarm Pro

(From Hendrik van der Veen): Disabling the ‘Ad Blocking’ service and making sure that the ‘Remove Private Header Information’ is not set to ON, are simple steps to make sure that this site and others, can be visited without a problem.

Note: This site works perfectly behind a normal firewall / personal firewall. It's only when you start using ad blocking software (which messes with the pages and what they can and can not retrieve) that you will encounter problems. We accept no responsibility for problems you may have on this site when using such software (as the site works perfectly without them).

Secondly: Choosing to block ads on a free site such as ours isn't very community minded.