PMA 2010: Sony bosses are 'pushing' the company to produce a 3D digital camera, according to Masashi 'Tiger' Imamura President of Sony’s Personal Imaging and Sound Business group.

In an exclusive interview with, Mr Imamura admitted that 3D imaging is an area into which Sony is keen to expand. Following Hollywood's recent push for 3D movies and Fujifilm's innovative digital 3D still camera, the Real 3D W1, Mr Imamura told us that his bosses keen to create a similar 3D imaging device.

In a wide-ranging interview, Mr Imamura also told us that the company's relationship with Carl Zeiss will extend to lenses designed for the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, unveiled at this year’s PMA. However, he refused to be drawn on details of the upcoming camera’s specification, beyond what has already been made public.

Asked whether Sony sees mirrorless stills cameras as the future, Mr Imamura deflected the question, stating simply that Sony will use whatever technology it has at its disposal to fulfill the needs of its customers.