Leaf has released the Aptus II 5 digital back. Priced at €5,995, the new back is expected to ship from November 2009. Phase One's 645AF camera body with 80mm lens can be purchased along with the back for an additional €2,000. With a total price of €7,995 for the camera system, we are seeing a trend of affordable medium format cameras trickling into the market. Featuring the fastest capture rate of 0.9 fps in the Aptus-II product line-up, the back includes a 22 MP sensor, 2.5 touch screen LCD, 12-stop dynamic range and 25-400 ISO range.

Press Release:

Leaf introduces Leaf Aptus-II 5

Value-Priced 22 MP Medium Format Camera System

NEW YORK, October 21, 2009Leaf Imaging today announced the Leaf Aptus-II 5 medium format digital camera back. The company’s newest addition to the Leaf Aptus-II product family, the Leaf Aptus-II 5 features a resolution of 22 MP.  And at a capture rate of 0.9 seconds per frame, it represents the family’s fastest digital back.

The Leaf Aptus-II series of digital backs offers professional photographers the speed, image quality and flexibility to allow their work to keep pace with their imaginations. Designed to support photographers wherever they are shooting, Leaf Aptus-II series backs offer the largest display, 3.5” (6x7 cm), and only touch screen controls in the medium format market.

Pricing and Availability
The Leaf Aptus-II 5 camera back is priced at 5,995EUR and is expected to ship in November, 2009. The Phase One 645AF camera body with 80 mm lens is available for an additional 2,000EUR.  All equipment can be ordered now from Leaf dealers