Upgrades to the X-T3
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Upgrades to the X-T3

The question hanging over a much of this article is whether Fujifilm will implement any of the X-T4's features in the X-T3.

Having established a reputation for providing feature additions and improvements (onto often already well-specced cameras with good performance), Fujifilm has now put itself in a position where its users have come to expect to continue to receive the benefits of its ongoing R&D in their cameras, for free.

There's an argument to be made that Fujifilm has already provided X-T3 users with an reasonable level of post-launch support

The X-T3 is now 18 months old, so is probably getting towards the end of its life cycle, yet its feature set remains competitive. It's received a series of updates improving its performance and making small feature additions throughout its life so far. At which point, there's an argument to be made that Fujifilm has already provided users with an appropriate level of post-launch support. Obviously it would be nice if the company decided to make add some of the additional features it's developed for the X-T4. But whether it's a reasonable expectation is another matter.

It's likely to hinge on whether Fujifilm really does plan to maintain the X-T3 and X-T4 concurrently. Sony clearly believes there's room for both its a6400 and a6600 models which, aside from battery size and image stabilization, have feature parity, but Fujifilm may decide not to upgrade the X-T3 up to X-T4 level in order to make the X-T4 more attractive.