Battery life
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Battery life

Battery life is another big differentiator between the two cameras. The X-T3 could already be charged and operated by connecting a power bank to its USB-C port, so it was easy enough to keep topped-up, such that its battery capacity wasn't a major limitation for most users.

Video shooters, who need to know their battery won't cut out mid-shot, and photographers who need to travel light and not carry an external battery, will be the main beneficiaries of the X-T4's larger capacity W235 battery.

The X-T4 delivers a 600 shot rating if behaving like the X-T3's default mode, or 500 with a better user experience

Interestingly, the X-T3 achieved its pretty respectable 390 shots-per-charge rating by dropping the brightness and refresh rate of its screen after 12 seconds of inactivity: a behavior the X-T4 calls 'Economy' mode. A like-for-like comparison would be that the X-T4 delivers a 600 shot rating if compared to the X-T3's default mode, or 500 while providing a better user experience.