Received this update information from my good friend Ed Hamrick:

VuePrint 7.4 is now available for downloading. If you previously paid $40.00 to register VuePrint, then this is a free upgrade. You can view the release notes and download VuePrint 7.4 from:

You shouldn't need to re-enter your serial number when you upgrade, but if you've misplaced your VuePrint serial number, you can get a free replacement at:

Thanks again for having registered VuePrint!

Ed Hamrick

A copy of the vuePrint 7.4 release notes here:
Hamrick Software -
VuePrint 7.4 Release Notes
May 5, 1999

  * New features in 7.3:

      * Shutter speed and aperture info for Nikon 900 and 950
        are now extracted from EXIF file.

      * CRW files from Canon PowerShot cameras have
        improved color fidelity

      * Added support for .cam files from newer Casio
        digital cameras

      * Reads .tif files that have more than 4 samples
        per pixel (i.e. 40-bit .tif files from VueScan)

      * Changed .mp2 extension to .mp3 extension, added
        .mpeg and .jpeg extensions to
        "Utilities|Configure extensions" command

      * Default is now to associate sound and movie files
        with VuePrint.  Can be turned off in
        "Utilities|Configure extensions" command

  * Bugs fixed in 7.3:

      * Fixed problem with MIME/base64 files when file names
        have a slash or backslash embedded in them.  This also
        fixes a problem with VueIcons hanging when reading
        this type of file.