Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria
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Shooting the moon: behind the shot with Peter Alessandria

I planned this shot out two weeks in advance. I knew I wanted the moon to encompass Lady Liberty’s crown and torch. I love the ferry passing in front. This is a single exposure.

Peter Alessandria is not only an award winning, full-time professional photographer but he also happens to be a resident DPReview community member. He recently submitted an image of the moon aligned with the Statue of Liberty, which we selected as a Top 10 image for our 2016 Reader's Best Shots (Places), that garnered quite a bit of praise – as well as some skepticism. Many people wanted to know just how he could accomplish such a shot and if it was indeed the 'real deal'.

With that in mind, Peter got in touch with us and we worked with him to create a 'behind the shot' guide to shooting the moon. As you can imagine, quite a bit of planning and dedication goes into getting any of the shots that are presented here in this how to guide.

To see more of Peter's work check out his Instagram and the following websites: