Digital Domain Inc has released the latest version of its professional photographic printing software Qimage v2006.250. The Windows based software boasts new features including double borders, border sizing, new color management and an improved print quality for extreme enlargements.

Press Release:

Qimage Version 2006.250

Digital Domain Inc. has just released Qimage v2006.250. This latest release of our professional Windows photographic printing software offers better quality and control over the non-photographic objects in your print job such as borders, page background color, and floating text. All of these objects are now color managed just like your photographs so there will be no more surprises or unexpected color when printing borders, text, or page backgrounds with a printer ICC profile enabled. You'll enjoy the ability to create photo mats using the new double borders and will sail through your project with the new border dropper for picking just the right color to match your borders to your photos! Other cosmetic changes have been made in specific areas to make your photographic printing job even easier and we've even thrown in a performance improvement to increase print quality when doing extreme enlargements (printing very large prints from low resolution photos).

New Features:

  • Double borders: Ability to specify two separate border sizes/colors for creation of photo mats and other effects.
  • Border sizing: The photo itself can now be sized independently from the borders (use the "Custom" size button and "Specific Size" for this option).
  • Border dropper: Use the "Pick with Dropper" option when changing border color to pick a color from the thumbnails or preview page.
  • Color management: All non-photographic objects are now color managed such as the border colors, page background, and even floating text and shadows.
  • Print quality: A small change to the "pyramid" interpolation method improves print quality when doing extreme enlargements (large prints from low resolution photos).
  • Cosmetic changes: Cosmetic improvements include a new splash screen, new "Help", "About" window, and updated print interpolation window.


Fixed some minor bugs including a page editor bug that caused an "index out of bounds" error and a size/rotate bug related to template positioning.