Olympus' TG-series cameras have been a popular choice among enthusiasts looking for a rugged compact. The TG-4 is waterproof to 15m/50ft, shockproof from 2.1m/7ft, crushproof to 100kgf/220lbf, and freeze proof to -10C/+14F, so it can handle just about anything you throw at it. More advanced photographers will appreciate its Raw support, which is currently a feature exclusive to the TG-4 in this class. See how it performs out and about and in our studio compared to other rugged compacts, and check back as we add some underwater samples to our gallery.

For the studio comparison, we selected the focal length on the TG-4 with the best overall sharpness, particularly as the camera performed significantly better at 40mm equivalent than at longer focal lengths. We felt this would more fairly represent the camera's capabilities, especially as waterproof cameras are more likely to be used on their wider end than on their telephoto end, in our opinion.