As reported by PC Watch: Nikon show off the D1, Sony show the D770 and new black coloured DSC-F55, Olympus show the C-21 (small!), Fuji show the MX1500 and MX2900, Toshiba show the M4 and Epson the CP800. Iomega slice a PC Card Clik! drive in half!!

Translation of Yamada's Japanese report: (I recommend you read the translation first then take a look at the Japanese report for all the pictures)

Nikon D1

Nikon show the D1 to the general public for the first time, however it is still not possible to get your hands on the camera, it still sits inside a glass display cabinet. Several A3 prints taken by the D1 are shown and Yamada comments that the superior picture quality is easily noticeable. Nikon also had a specially installed stage for exhibiting the Coolpix 950.


Sony showed new products in just about every field, from the new D770 "Cybershot Pro" (the DSC-D770 to us - note, no FireWire on the D770, that's reserved for another camera...) and the new black version of the DSC-F55. All exhibits were hands on and anyone can go and play with the Sony equipment.


Olympus C-21 (small!)Olympus showed the new C-21 fixed lens camera (picture right, is that a SMALL camera or WHAT?) and their new MAUSB-2 USB SmartMedia drive. They, interestingly, did not show the C-2500L (hmmm...). Yamada comments that this was regrettable but wonders if a formal announcement will indiciate a shift in strategy from Olympus.

They also showed underwater casings for different digicams.

The Rest

Fuji showed the MX1500, MX2700 and MX2900, a full line-up from Fuji. Toshiba showed the fixed-lens M4 in a new black case, Yamada noted that this camera feels good to the touch and very light to carry. Epson showed and allowed hands-on their 2.1 megapixel CP-800. Iomega had the new PC-Card Clik! drive exposed for all to see, a neat design if a little limited at 40MB.