Rumors have surfaced that the Olympus E-M5 has reached the end of its production. According to 4/3rumors, retailers in US and Europe have received notice from Olympus that it has stopped production of the camera. This follows rumors from September that the model's successor is inbound, which 4/3rumors anticipates to launch the first week of February. Olympus hasn't yet made an official announcement, and no further details are available at this time.

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The Olympus OM-D E-M5 was announced nearly three years ago, debuting in February 2012. It has since been joined by two other models in the retro-styled OM-D line, the flagship Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the more affordable E-M10. The E-M5 maintained a few features not seen in the E-M10, such as weather-proofing and 5-axis stabilization versus the E-M10's 3-axis system, but the E-M5 arguably began to look a bit dated when the cheaper model came on the market. 

We've reached out to Olympus for comment on the production rumor and will update once we know more.