The new Leica M-P Digital features a lot of the same core technology as the M (Typ 240) but with the addition of extra RAM for faster operation, and and a more subtle finish, omitting the classic (but eye-catching) 'red dot'.

Under the slogan 'Perfect understatement' Leica has quietly released a new M-series rangefinder, the M-P Digital (240). Featuring a full-frame 24MP CMOS sensor and 2GB of built-in RAM, Leica claims that the new M-P digital is 'twice as fast' as the standard M (Typ 240). The original Leica MP (no hyphen) announced in 2003, took the film M-series back to its 1950s roots by featuring unflashy ergonomics inspired by the M3. The new model updates the same approach, omitting the iconic Leica red dot with the aim of being 'noticeably unnoticeable' (Leica's words). 

The M-P Digital also features weather-sealing for protection against water and dust incursion and its rear LCD is covered in tough sapphire crystal glass for durability. A 1080p video capture mode seems a little out of place, but it's there if you need it. The new camera is available now for pre-order, at an MSRP of $7950 - $1000 more than the standard M (Typ 240).