Shutterfly has introduced TripPix, a new app that turns photos snapped with an iPhone into physical albums. The app assembles 15 to 30 photos from a trip into a single album, which can be styled to reflect the kind of adventure they depict. Those who use the service can add things like maps with pins and icons to the album, and choose from different covers. TripPix is only available for iOS.

According to Shutterfly, it takes approximately 5 minutes to create an album with TripPix. Users are presented with a list of activities, such as 'sight-seeing,' to choose from. After selecting which activities were captured in the images, users then select whether to include a map showing where the adventures took place. Individual photos and styles preferences are then selected by the user.

An album — which is 6x6 inches in size — costs $19.99 USD, features a matte cover, and can include up to 51 pages. Shipping is free, and the product will arrive within a week. Included with the album is a bamboo stand. The TripPix app is available now from the Apple App Store, and is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later.

Via: Shutterfly