Most modern smartphones are able to record high-quality video, but are prone to shakiness because of their relatively small, lightweight sizes. Arriving later this month to solve that problem is a gimbal from Dict-Creative called the SwiftCam M3L, an upgraded version of the SwiftCam M3 stabilizer for smartphones. With the newest model comes 3-axis auto-stabilization and support for attaching a tripod or extension pole, among other things.

The SwiftCam M3L gimbal uses brushless motors to automatically stabilize pan, tilt, and roll axes, doing so alongside 18350 Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged as needed (via USB). A battery-low indicator is integrated into the gimbal, which is made from aluminum that is promised to be both high-strength and lightweight.

The newest model has an updated design that allows it to accommodate the larger smartphone models on the market, such as the newer Galaxy handsets. This is achieved using an adjustable clip that supports smartphones up to 7.2cm in width and is compatible with both 1mm and 4mm sponges. As a compatibility example, the stabilizer supports the iPhone 6 when using 4mm sponges, and the iPhone 6 Plus when using 1mm sponges.

No special tuning is necessary, says the maker, as the M3L is ready to use straight out of the box. The latest SwiftCam model won't be available until November 20, though it is available to pre-order from US distributor KumbaCam for $309.99 and for $299. According to Dict-Creative, the stabilizer will include a USB cable and charging unit, three batteries, a 20g balance, a wireless shutter release, two 1mm sponges, a storage bag, and two stickers.

Via: PetaPixel