Just posted! Our full in-depth review of the new seven megapixel Canon PowerShot G6. Canon's latest G series prosumer digital camera looks considerably different to the camera it replaces, silver body, chunky hand grip and a almost square profile it looks a more like a compact SLR than ever before. It features a four times F2.0 - F3.0 lens which is inherited from the G5 but now features new lens coatings. See how the G6 performed in our tests and how it compares to the other four seven megapixel digital cameras we tested together.

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Click here for our full in-depth review of the Canon PowerShot G6

Five $700 seven megapixel digital cameras

This review was produced as part of a group test of five seven megapixel digital cameras, all of which were posted on the same day and feature comparisons to the rest of the group. The five reviews (in alphabetical order):