PMA 2002: Yesterday we had an exclusive hands-on with Sigma's SD9. As we all know the SD9 will be the first digital camera to utilize Foveon's new X3 sensor technology. The SD9 digital SLR is fitted with a 3.54 x 3 million pixel X3 sensor which produces a 2268 x 1512 x 3 image (captures RAW in-camera). The SD9 has a Sigma lens mount (which may well be it's Achilles heel) and a host of manual controls which you'd expect of a D-SLR at this level. The SD9 is set to retail for US$3,000. UPDATE: Added image of dust protection filter.

Sigma SD9 - from the show floor

We got our hands on the SD9 yesterday, but only briefly. I can confirm the camera is operational (although still pre-production), shoots and has an operational operating system and menus.