As part of the development of we've created a more advanced, more detailed test scene, which will be launched on soon. The new scene is roughly eight times larger (in area) than the existing test, allowing us to test to even higher resolutions than before. A larger scene also increases working distances - avoiding the inconsistent performances we've seen from some recent fixed-lens cameras, and the new design effectively overcomes the depth of field limitations experienced with our current studio scene.

We're also working on a low-light mode that will give a truer impression of how the cameras will perform in poor lighting in the real world. The low-light mode will not only use lower luminance but also a less color-balanced light source - giving a clearer impression of what happens under real-world lighting, when cameras struggle to capture and represent color accurately.

The test scene can be seen in our phone reviews, over at, but we'll be using it for many of the cameras launched at Photokina in the very near future, and working to re-test key cameras from the last year or two.