Camera and software manufacturer Phase One has released a new version of its Capture One Raw file converter that includes new tools, added flexibility and options, as well as support for additional cameras. Updating the version 8 that was made available in September 2014, Capture One 8.1 allows users to edit files in other applications, such as Photoshop, from inside the program and it now allows up to 16 adjustment layers to be used at one time.

The company has also expanded the list of cameras that can work tethered with the program, claiming that the number of models that can tether or have Raw files processed now reaches 350.
Capture One 8.1 costs $229/€229 to buy, or a subscription costs $10/€8 Euro per month. For more information visit the Phase One website.

Feature enhancements include:
-- Ability to edit images in external applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator
-- Improved Auto Adjust
-- Live View for select models of Sony cameras
-- Quick cursor tools
-- Find/replace naming
-- Additional and improved naming tokens
-- Multiple on-screen guides for aligning and composing images.
-- Incremental camera controls
-- Up to 16 adjustment layers
-- Additional TIFF processing options

Additional Camera Support:
Capture One 8 now supports more than 350 different camera models, with:
-- Live View for Sony A7S, A7R and Sony A7 Mark II
-- File and tether support for Sony A7 II
-- Tether support for Sony a5100
-- Tether support for Canon 7D Mark II
-- File support for Fujifilm X100T and X30
-- File support for Canon G7X
-- File support for Panasonic FZ1000
-- Improved support for Leica T

Bug fixes:
Capture One 8.1 has fixed some stability issues and bugs, including:
-- Windows: Fixed an issue where browsing images would stop preview generation
-- Windows: Improved support for importing, adjusting and processing images with non-English characters in their path
-- Mac: Fixed an issue where Export to Originals did not include LCC or ICC profiles
-- Mac: Fixed an issue where incorrect dates would be applied to imported images
-- Mac: Fixed an issue where using the Spot tool together with a Heal Layer would result in a crash