Read this story a couple of days ago but completely forgot to write it up, thanks to Steves Digicams for jolting my memory.

A Breakthrough Product Ideal for Cellular "Internet Phones," "Digital Cameras," "Camcorders," and "Mobile Info-Tools;" 0.38-Inch Display Enables Full Color Display in Ultra-Portable Devices.

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN) today introduced the CyberDisplay(TM) 640C, the world's smallest high performance, high resolution, full color VGA display. The CyberDisplay 640C is a low cost, light-weight, ultra low power, rugged, solid state active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) measuring 0.38-inch diagonal in size.

The display utilizes Kopin's patented and breakthrough architecture which uses 2.7V or 3.3V for logic and 3.0V for video. This new LVV (Low Video Voltage) architecture allows the CyberDisplay 640C to be operated at low video voltage levels compatible with conventional low-voltage CMOS circuits. The CyberDisplay 640C is a transmissive imaging device that displays information at 640 by 480 full color pixel resolution. Operating with color sequential technique, the CyberDisplay 640 presents 307,200 full color pixels for viewing, and at 2,100 lines per inch, is the densest AMLCD in the world. In addition to displaying high-resolution text and graphics, the display operates at video speeds and consumes only 30mW of power.

Using a miniature lens in conjunction with an energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) backlight, the CyberDisplay 640C presents an optical image equivalent in size to a notebook monitor. The lens provides a wide degree field of view and the "virtual image" presented can be viewed comfortably in all lighting conditions. The CyberDisplay 640C is an extension of Kopin's CyberDisplay family of products (including CyberDisplay 320 and 320C) and further provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with enhanced performance, simple architecture for easy design-in, high resolution, and low cost. The CyberDisplay 640C enables portable battery-operated communications devices and personal information products, including cellular "Internet phones," wearable and hand-held PC and GPS monitors, head mounted medical instruments, and entertainment and consumer devices such as personal DVD systems and other mobile info-tools to display text, graphics, e-mail and video from Internet, and other data or video sources in vivid color.

"This is a major breakthrough in ultra-portable flat panel display technologies based on Kopin's exciting LVV architecture," said Dr. John C. C. Fan, president and chief executive officer of Kopin. "The CyberDisplay 640C provides crisp, bright, high resolution color images and yet occupies a very small footprint and is very light weight. Combined with the low voltage and low power features provided by our LVV architecture, this display is ideal for wireless communication, ultra-portable electronics, and other personal information devices. With the advent of broadband wireless communication, this display should facilitate the introduction of Internet wireless phones and other new information appliances.

The CyberDisplay 640C utilizes twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal, the same material used in commercial laptop AMLCDs, and has the excellent performance features of TN displays, such as 8-bit full color, good contrast, broad temperature ranges and stability. Kopin's new LVV drive technique provides great savings in system power resulting in major system simplicity. In addition, interface electronics can now be made compatible to conventional CMOS circuits. The CyberDisplay 640C shares the same manufacturing processes as the Kopin CyberDisplay 320C.

The new CyberDisplay 640C will be demonstrated at the annual international conference of the Society for Information Display (SID Conference) to be held in San Jose, CA, May 18-21 and can be viewed at Kopin's booth #814. Evaluation kits are now available for selected OEM partners.