Eric Hyman, author of the RAW converison application Bibble has today announced the release of a whole new version of Bibble, 2002 3.0. This new version has a completely re-designed user interface, higher speed, support for more cameras (although not yet the EOS-1D and EOS-D60). Bibble also now has "Kodak Color", to quote, "Through a partnership with Kodak, Bibble now uses Kodak Digital Science software for its internal color engine and profile generation, Thus bringing Kodak Color to All users of Bibble no matter what camera they shoot."

Bibble 2002 3.0

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Major new items in 3.0 Include:

  • Dramatic improvements in speed (virtually instant opening of raw files, and batch processing twice as fast as the other guys)
  • Full Compressed .Nef support
  • All new camera Profiles and Professional Kodak Digital Science color engine
  • Photoshop 7.0 Support (Including Browser and proper handling of Jpeg colorspaces)
  • D1H Support
  • Windows XP Compatible
  • Firewire support for D1 Family
  • Super Fast
  • IPTC Captioning support
  • Persistent Live Options
  • Improved browser (Edit thumbs, rotate .nefs, sorting, sizes, etc)
  • Fully Multithreaded to take advantage of Dual CPU Machines
  • Faster
  • Sticky dialogs
  • Support for Nikon and Qimage color models
  • Accepts externally generated camera profiles
  • Support for new cameras, Bibble now does raw files from D1/X/H, Canon D30, Kodak 720x/760, Oly E10/E20
  • Color Profiles Embedded and read in Jpegs
  • Complete manual!