Leica's Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 costs $325 per aperture blade - and it has 20 of them.

October – in America anyway, the month of costumes, changing leaves and inebriated frights. This year, I dressed up as a sheep for halloween (apologies to anyone who saw that), so the 'frights' part is pretty suspect. Anyway, I digress.

This past October was also a great month for gear releases as well. As you see above, we have Leica's Thambar 90mm F2.2, as well as Olympus' 17mm and 45mm F1.2 Pro lenses. Sigma released a 16mm F1.4 'Contemporary' lens for both Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount, and Google released two new Pixel phones that offer groundbreaking (for phones) photographic results. Last, but not least, Canon released a new PowerShot flagship in the G1 X Mark III.

We published our full review of the Nikon D850, as well as a review of Fujifilm's very likable X-E3

And while the camera companies were busy, so were we. We published our full review of the Nikon D850, as well as a review of Fujifilm's very likable X-E3. And our own Dale Baskin looked back on the Samsung NX1 for one of our most popular editions of Throwback Thursday.

We would, of course, be remiss to ignore the release of the new silver edition of the Leica Q. Like so many Leica 'special editions,' its could be easy to dismiss, but we're big fans of the highly capable Q and also fans of the new design – even though it comes at a $245 premium over the all-black model. Maybe silver paint is more expensive than we thought.

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