Canon Japan has now confirmed (and here in English) what we've already seen, the development of an EOS Digital SLR camera, the press release offers little more to what we've already gleaned: a 3+ megapixel CCD, Canon-EF lens mount, Canon-EF lenses. Expected "Sale Time" Autumn 2000. They also include a calendar of dates when the reference camera will be exhibited.

Date Location
CeBIT Feb 24 - March 1 Hannover, Germany
Japanese Camera Show March 3 - March 5 Tokyo - Ikebukuro
IPPF March 9 - March 11 Tokyo - Ikebukuro
Japanese Camera Show March 17 - March 19 Osaka - Mydome
Japanese Camera Show April 7 - April 9 Nagoya - Fukiage Hall

Here's what we've already worked out about this camera:

  • Digital SLR based on Canon EOS body (not sure exactly WHICH body)
  • Full TTL viewfinder
  • Large rear LCD
  • Large top information LCD
  • AF-assist Beam
  • Multiple drive modes
  • AF / WB lock
  • Full range of AE modes: Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual, Auto Depth of Field mode
  • Full range of programmed AE modes: Portrait, Sports, Macro, Night Scene, Landscape
  • Rolling rear command wheel
  • Rolling top command wheel
  • Area focus points, AE-Lock
  • Built-in pop-up flash
  • Playback Zoom / Thumbnails / Info Display / Image Erase
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