Bibble Labs has today announced version 4.4 of its RAW workflow software, which adds support for the Canon 5D and 1D Mark II N cameras, as well as the Konica Minolta 5D, A200 and Pentax *ist DL. Bibble's integrated Photoshop plug-in allows users to open RAW files from the latest cameras in Photoshop 7 or CS. The update provides another new feature called Full Light that brightens deep shadows and recovers detail in dark areas of high contrast photos. Bibble 4.4 is available as a free upgrade to Bibble 4 or you can download a 14-day trial version from Bibble Labs' website.

Click here to download Bibble 4.4

Press Release:

Bibble Labs releases version 4.4 Update with support for Canon 5D & 1D Mark II N

Includes new Fill Light control and improved sharper output.

Austin Texas (October 17th, 2005) - Bibble Labs today announced availability of version 4.4 of its popular Raw Workflow software. Now supporting over 60 of the most popular DSLR and prosumer cameras, this update includes support for the new Canon 5D and 1D Mark II N cameras, as well as the Minolta 5D, A200 and Pentax *ist DL. Using Bibble's integrated Photoshop plug-in, users of older versions of Photoshop including 7.0 and CS can now open raw images from the latest cameras without having to pay for a costly upgrade.

The new "Full Light" Feature allows photographers to easily brighten overly deep shadows and reveal detail in the dark areas of high contrast photos. Combined with the existing "highlight recovery" feature, photographers now have two powerful yet easy to use tools to enhance their digital images. Further refinements to the raw processing engine results in sharper output than ever before.

Other new features include the ability to display and export GPS position information embedded in files as well as the ability to shoot tethered on the Macintosh with all supported DSLR's.

Bibble 4.4 is a free update to all owners of any prior version of Bibble 4.


Bibble is available in both "Pro" and "Lite" versions for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Please click here for further details and to download a fully functional 14-day trial version.