If you own/use a Kodak Pro DCS or Sony DSC-D7x0 digital camera then this story may interest you. You can now get 0.5GB capacity on an ATA card!

Kingston� Technology Company today announced the expansion of its Flash memory product line with the introduction of high-capacity ATA Flash cards ranging up to 512MB. The new cards set a new low price point at approximately $2.73/MB for a 512MB ATA Flash card.

The new ATA Flash cards allow digital camera users to take more high-resolution photos with a single card without the inconvenience of swapping out cards. Ideal for power users of handheld PCs and digital camera products, the higher capacity ATA Flash card means more memory for applications and data storage at affordable pricing.

``The Kingston ATA Flash cards are the result of combining Kingston's expertise in memory design and innovative PC Card technology,'' said Christina Chu, Flash product manager, Peripherals Division, Kingston. ``Consumers want to take advantage of higher capacity solutions to increase their storage necessities in electronic devices, such as digital cameras, handheld PCs and data storage of notebooks. New electronic devices being released today demand higher storage in order to use the device to its full capabilities,'' added Chu.

Based on a Type II PC Card form factor using NAND flash memory technology, the Kingston ATA Flash cards are the ideal choice for a rugged, high-performance, portable data storage device. Kingston's ATA Flash card technology emulates an IDE compatible disk drive, but unlike a typical disk drive, this smaller, lighter, noiseless, shock-resistant, semiconductor device has no moving parts.

ATA Flash technology is designed for a broad range of PC Cards, ATA compatible products, including handheld PCs and digital cameras. Because of its small size and ease of use, Kingston's ATA Flash cards can go places where a conventional disk drive simply cannot. All Kingston's Flash memory products carry a five year warranty and free technical support.

Kingston's ATA Flash card part numbers and Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price:

  • DP-ATA/224, a 224MB flash card is $635.00
  • DP-ATA/320, a 320MB flash card is $890.00
  • DP-ATA/448, a 448MB flash card is $1,240.00
  • DP-ATA/512, a 512MB flash card is $1,400.00