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In this section we'll cover the following manufacturers:

Hewlett Packard

HP had the same digital cameras as last year's Photokina, that is the C-912, C-618, C-215 and C-315. We'd expected to see the three megapixel C-912 (expected to be called the C-913) which we'd seen at the Pentax stand under the name EI-3000, but nothing. Of most interest to digital camera owners would probably be the Photosmart 1100, 1215 and 1218 photo printers with direct-connect storage card slots which support either CompactFlash or SmartMedia.

HP Stand HP PhotoSmart 1100
HP Photosmart 1215  

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As at Photokina Iomega had their Fotoshow product on display, a unit which can download images directly from your storage card to Zip disks and then manipulate and display them on a normal TV via a remote control. A neat solution for those who don't own a computer or prefer the portability of a Zip Drive sized device. Iomega also had their Zip, Click! and Jaz drives on display.

Iomega Stand Fotoshow
Other Iomega products on show Other Iomega products on show

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Kingston Technology

Kingston had their full range of storage cards on display, everything from 96 to 256 MB CF Type I cards (all, interestingly, marked "High Speed") to 2 GB PCMCIA Type II Hard Drive cards and a full range of the newer SD (MMC) type storage cards of which I was suprised to see a 128MB version.

Kingston Technology stand CompactFlash cards
2GB PCMCIA H/D Card 512MB PCMCIA Flash Card
SD (MMC) Storage cards (up to 128MB!)  

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As we'd expect the Kodak stand was HUGE, dominating the center of the show and immediately in front of you as you walk in.

Consumer products had the DC4800 (recently reduced in price), the Palmpix digital camera add-on and the all new mc3 multi-function digital camera / video recorder / audio recorder / MP3 player. Kodak only unveiled the mc3 on the second day but it defintely generated a lot of interest. It's small, well built and cleverly designed, there's no backlight on the LCD, instead it uses a reflective back, this helps maintain better battery life from the 3 AAA batteries it requires.

Kodak Stand mc3 demo station
mc3 (hand grip is made of a soft rubber) mc3 (back)
DC4800 DC5000
EZ200 digital camera / webcam DC3200
DC3800 PalmPix
Picture Center automated print stations Picture Center

Site links: Kodak mc3, Kodak DC4800
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Kodak Professional

Directly behind the consumer section was Kodak Professional, showing their full range of services we homed in on the 16 megapixel Pro Back and the recently reduced DCS Pro digital SLR's. The Pro Back was on hand and being demonstrated on a Hasselblad medium format camera.

DCS Pro Back DCS Pro Back
DCS Pro Back DCS Pro Back (storage compartment)
DCS 620x Rest of the DCS range

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Kyocera (Yashica)

Kyocera had probably one of the most interesting products at the show, the tiny, 3 megapixel, Finecam S3. This little digital camera is about the same size as Canon's IXUS Digital (ELPH Digital) but features a 3.34 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. Unfortunately the model they had at the show as simply a design mock-up (look closely at the image, you can make out the rough edges), however, if they can bring it to market at a reasonable price it would certainly give several 3 megapixel digital cameras a run for their money (see the press release below these images for more details).

Kyocera (Yashica) stand Kyocera Finecam S3

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Lexar, just before the show announced a 512MB CompactFlash Type I card, this will be in their professional range and will be the high speed "12x" type. Professionals who have nerves (or require the extra speed) about using the Microdrive will surely see this new card as a viable option (despite the price difference). Unfortunately they didn't have a unit on the stand but we're hoping to test it as soon as we can. Lexar of course had the rest of their extensive range of media including 16, 32 and 64 MB MemoryStick's.

Lexar Stand Lexar 32MB MemoryStick
Lexar Pro 320MB CompactFlash (12x)  

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Microtech were displaying their wide range of card readers, storage and IBM Microdrives. The little Zio! card reader appears to be an excellent and ultimately portable solution for transfering data from your storage cards, now available with an "Apple like" transparent case.

Microtech Stand Microtech partial product range

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