Long before anybody put two lenses in a smartphone, the Kodak EasyShare V570 put dual lenses and sensors under the same roof – 23mm and 37-117mm equivalent folded-optic lenses coupled with 5MP CCD sensors. Introduced nearly 11 years ago for CES 2006, the V570 offered other cutting-edge features including:

  • 2.5" 230k-dot LCD
  • In-camera distortion correction
  • 180-degree panorama mode, an 'industry exclusive'
  • 2.3 fps continuous shooting
  • VGA 30p video recording

It shipped with a 'Photo Frame 2' dock, which was a multitasking charger/image transfer/snazzy camera display. The charging feature was especially useful, since the V570's battery was only rated to 150 shots per charge – pretty bad even by 2006 standards.

We didn't review the V570, but then friend-of-DPR and current DPR staffer Jeff Keller wrote about it on DCResource. He disliked that Kodak advertised the camera as having a 5x zoom lens, when it was really just a wide angle prime and a 3x zoom that you could switch between. Still, it was the first dual-lens implementation we can remember, and even though it didn't catch on with camera manufacturers, the concept has found new life in smartphones like the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Kodak V570 Sample Gallery