Earlier I was over at the excellent PC Watch (Japanese) web site reading the final installment of Yamada's PMA '99 report and as I scrolled down I saw something which caught my eye.

A black bodied "Cybershot-Pro" (the Japanese name for the Sony DSC-D700), Yamada makes the comment that this is the "business model" and that the "contents" (the internals) are exactly the same as the previous 1.5 megapixel model.

The other obvious change between this new D700 and the older model is it's new matt black exterior (kinda classy looking). Pointed out by Mark Boris is that this camera also features a Firewire (IEE1394) port next to the video connector which is the reason the side door is open in this picture:

Picture here

I have not direct confirmation or denial from Sony on the CCD in this model, but it would be a logical step for them to release a 2 megapixel model of the D700, especially in the current digicam market climate.

If you have any information pertaining to this model please contact: Phil Askey