Olympus has announced an underwater housing for the Evolt E-300. The PT-E01 Underwater Case will protect the eight megapixel D-SLR down to a depth of 60 meters. There are also three underwater lens ports available which are compatible with four Zuiko Digital lenses as well as the PFL-E01, an underwater case for use with the FL-36 external flash unit. All underwater housings will be available in June.

Japanese Press Release:

Olympus Introduces the PT-E01 Underwater Case for the E-300, And Underwater Lens Ports for Exchangeable Lenses

Genuine Olympus Accessories for Professional Underwater Photography Using a Digital SLR with Exchangeable Lenses

Pictured: PT-E01 Underwater Case and E-System Underwater Lens Port (With a Zuiko Digital 14-45mm lens mounted on an E-300)


Olympus Imaging Corporation is pleased to announce the PT-E01 underwater case for the E-300 interchangeable lens single-lens reflex camera. The PT-E01 is a genuine Olympus accessory for use with the E-300 and can be combined with Olympus brand underwater lens ports for various ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses to create a system suitable for professional underwater photography. The PT-E01 will go on sale in June 2005, together with the PPO-E01, PPO-E02 and PPO-E03 underwater lens ports for use with ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses and the PFL-E01 underwater case for the FL-36 external flash unit.

These underwater cases for the E-300 and the FL-36 and underwater lens ports for ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses together form an underwater digital SLR camera system capable of withstanding the water pressure at a depth of 60m. The professional-class specifications of these products make them ideal for professional underwater photography.

Designed for use with the E-300, the PT-E01 underwater case can be combined with underwater lens ports (PPO-E01, PPO-E02, PPO-E03) for underwater photography using four types of exchangeable lenses (ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm (28-90mm) F3.5-5.6, ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm (28-108mm) F2.8-3.5, ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm (22-44mm) F2.8-3.5, ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50mm (100mm) F2.0 Macro). This system supports underwater photography using a variety of field angles to take full advantage of the superb image quality of the E-300 digital SLR with its effective resolution of 8 megapixels.

The PFL-E01, an underwater case for use with the FL-36 external flash unit, adds high-intensity underwater TTL flash photography to the system’s capabilities.

Also available is the PER-E01 extension ring for the EC-14 teleconverter, which can be used with all underwater lens ports for exchangeable lenses. This allows the focal length of the lens attached to the camera to be increased 1.4 times for underwater photography. Another useful accessory is the PTBK-E01 bracket for easier underwater handling.

* Figures in parentheses indicate the equivalent focal distances for 35mm cameras.

Underwater Cases
(all available June 2005)
PT-E01 (for E-300)
PFL-E01 (for FL-36 external flash unit)

Underwater Lens Ports (all available June 2005)
PPO-E01 (for ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm F3.5-5.6)
PPO-E02 (for ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm F2.8-3.5) (for ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm F2.8-3.5)
PPO-E03 (for ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50mm F2.0 Macro)

Main Features

1. Genuine Olympus underwater case and underwater lens ports for the E-300 and four ZUIKO DIGITAL exchangeable lenses

  • The PPO-E01 is a underwater lens port for use with the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-45mm (28-90mm) F3.5-5.6 lens, which is included in the E-300 lens set.
  • The PPO-E02 underwater lens port can be used with the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm (28-108mm) F2.8-3.5, which supports close-up photography at a minimum distance of 0.22m across the entire zoom range, and the ZUIKO DIGITAL 11-22mm (22-44mm) F2.8-3.3 compact wide-angle zoom lens.
  • The PPO-E03 is a underwater lens port for the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50mm (100mm) F2.0 Macro, a medium-telephoto macro lens with F2.0 brightness.
  • The PER-E01 is a underwater extension ring for use with the EC-14 teleconverter, which increases the lens focal distance 1.4 times. It supports all three waterproof lens ports(PPO-E01,PPO-E02,PPO-E03).

2. Designed to Withstand Water Pressure at 60m - Suitable for Professional Use

All of these underwater case, underwater lens ports and the extension ring are capable of withstanding water pressures reliably at depth up to 60m and are ideal for professional underwater SLR photography.

3. Support for Underwater TTL Photography Using an External Flash Unit

With the optional external flash unit attached, the system can be used for underwater TTL flash photography. This product makes underwater flash shooting easy without the need for troublesome flash adjustments to set the exposure according to the distance to the subject or changes in the underwater environment.