Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty stressed that Adobe has, 'no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future.' The statement, made in light of the overwhelming response to Adobe's Creative Cloud announcement last week, was made during a Google+ Hangout today in which both Hogarty and Lightroom PM Sharad Mangalick responded to audience questions.

What did Adobe say about Lightroom and CC subscription?

Predictably, the first question at the hangout was about the future of Lightroom. Hogarty tried to ease concerns about Lightroom's future: 'Basically we have no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future. We have plans to make Lightroom available in its current form pretty much indefinitely.' And, while he wouldn't use the word 'forever,' he confirmed that he meant 'for the foreseeable future.'

Hogarty stressed Lightroom was distinct from Creative Suite: 'We can confirm that Lightroom is still going to be a bit different [from software such as Photoshop and In Design]- we don't plan on adding any Creative Cloud-specific features that you would only get if you were a subscriber to Creative Cloud.' Instead, he said, the team was 'investigating cloud-based offerings that are not specifically part of the Creative Cloud. We're looking at cloud-based workflows.' These are the examples previewed on Scott Kelby's online show 'The Grid,' which could be offered 'incrementally to the Creative Cloud or outside the Creative Cloud.'

Is Camera Shake Reduction coming to Lightroom?

Meanwhile Mangalick responded to demands for Photoshop's new 'Camera Shake Reduction Tool' to be added to Lightroom: 'We're currently looking at ways of leveraging cutting-edge technology for all our customers - we're still trying to figure out how to get that into a Raw processing pipeline.'

'I'd love to see it,' he added, but confirmed 'it won't be in Lightroom 5.'

Download the Lightroom 5 public beta from Adobe Labs