The Fujifilm X100T is the third iteration of the company's enthusiast-level fixed-lens compact. From an imaging standpoint, the camera is not tremendously different than the X100S that came before it—it retains the same 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor of its predecessor, as well as the exceptionally sharp 23mm (35mm equiv.) f/2 lens.

Usability has been improved with a redesigned electronic/optical hybrid viewfinder, as well the inclusions of 1/3rd stop aperture adjustments, a larger LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity and a higher maximum shutter speed.

The majority of the images that follow were shot as JPEGs in the Classic Chrome film mode, a new film simulation not included in previous iterations of the camera. We've also included multiple versions of several images, displayed in both Classic Chrome mode as well as Velvia/Vivid mode, to give you an idea of how these film simulations might affect the final image. All secondary film simulations were generated from Raw files, in-camera.  

We've also included a few Raw images, processed to taste in Adobe Lightroom, along with their un-processed counterparts, for the sake of comparison. All images were shot using final firmware.