Designer Vinicius Araújo has created a series of concept images that imagine what a keyboard may look like if it were made by Adobe specifically for Photoshop and its other specialized software. Araújo shared the images on Behance under the handle VA Designer, where he shows a concept that containing half a dozen touch shortcuts, a scroll wheel, colored LED lighting, and a high level of sensitivity.

While various DIYers have developed their own enhanced control methods for some Adobe products—such as using a PS3 gamepad to control Lightroom—and some interesting options do exist, a perfect hardware companion to the software suite remains elusive.

Araújo's concept imagines what that companion device might look like should one ever be developed.

Rather than using color-coded shortcuts, this concept presents a sleek low-profile keyboard with several customizable touch pads on the left, and a small display in the upper right-hand corner. That display shows which tool is currently active in the software, and is joined by a smaller display just above it that shows the application in use.

Above the keyboard's function keys resides a display somewhat similar to the Touch Bar found on some MacBook Pro laptops. The concept's upper display, however, is used to present the logos for Adobe software not currently in use; tap one of the logos, and the related application will launch on the computer.

Finally, the concept also includes a scroll wheel that could be used to precisely adjust sliders or select colors in programs like Lightroom and Photoshop. The inclusion of a scroll wheel on a keyboard isn't a new idea, though; Logitech, for example, recently introduced a keyboard with a scroll wheel for use with products like Adobe Photoshop.

Because this is simply a concept design, it isn't available to purchase as an actual product, but we'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Araújo's keyboard. How would you improve upon it? And would you buy it if it were to become reality?