We've been talking about the convergence between still and video technology for years, but usually from the perspective of picking a tool that does one job exceptionally well, while doing the other 'well enough.' You can shoot 4K video with a DSLR, but the quality still lags behind what you'll get from a professional cinema camera shooting Raw video. Conversely, it's been possible to extract still frames from 4K and 6K Raw video, but the level of detail is still below what you can get with a high end DSLR.

In the video above, Vincent Laforet makes a strong argument that 8K may be the point at which this technology convergence really begins to matter. In his case, he uses an 8K RED Weapon camera for both stills and video. As he explains, however, there are advantages to shooting stills with this camera that go beyond simple resolution.

While RED Weapon cameras are admittedly a bit expensive for most of us, technology has a habit of trickling down to more affordable products over time, and chances are good that similar technology will be available in a few years at much more affordable price points. Assuming it is, how would this change your approach to photography? (Or video, for that matter.)