Casio Japan has unveiled the Exilim EX-FC500S, a 16.1MP point-and-shoot designed to aid golfers in improving their skills. The EX-FC500S offers this by way of 240fps slow-motion video recording, intelligent automatic video editing to isolate the swing, and Wi-Fi connectivity for analysis on a mobile device.

The camera offers gesture-driven control, allowing a golfer to position the device where it can record his or her swing, then trigger the recording with a hand wave. The camera itself will detect when the swing is complete and stop the recording, followed by on-board editing if that feature is turned on. The golfer can then use another hand gesture to send the file over Wi-Fi to a connected smartphone (iOS and Android only).

The 3.0-inch display on the back is hinged so that users can view it while facing the camera. Swing guidelines are provided on-screen for more accurate positioning, and video tutorials on form are included featuring pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa. The camera will only be available in Japan, where it is set to be released on November 28 for ¥40,000 (about $340 US).