A major copyright reform bill came into effect today in Canada, granting photographers copyright of all of their photographs - regardless of whether they have been commissioned. Previously, copyright on photographs belonged to the commissioner of the images, not to the photographer, transferrable only by a written contract. One of the stated goals of the law is to 'give photographers the same rights as other creators'. 

Canadian photographers now own the copyright to all of their images, including those taken for commissions. [picture: 'Canada wins hockey gold' by Chris Bizzy - via PetaPixel]

According to CAPIC - The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators, the passing of the new law is 'a great victory' which ensures that 'Canadian photographers, albeit the last in the industrialized world, now have all legal rights to their images'. 'Finally' said André Cornellier, Copyright Chair of CAPIC in a statement on the organization's website, 'we have won a right due to us as artists'.   

via Petapixel