Cypress Semiconductor has announced the CYIHDSC9000AA, a new 9 megapixel APS size CMOS image sensor. In 2004 Cypress acquired FillFactory, the Belgian company behind the IBIS4-14000, the 14 megapixel CMOS sensor used in the Kodak DCS 14n / SLR/c and SLR/n. Interesting features of this new sensor are its lack of microlenses and its low-cost design. Output image size is stated as 3710 x 2434 (9.0 million pixels) and the sensor has a pixel pitch of 6.4 µm. Lets hope we see this sensor in a compact camera with a large diameter high quality lens.

Cypress Semiconductor 9 megapixel APS size CMOS image sensor

The CYIHDSC9000AA (color) and CYIHDSM9000AA (monochrome) are the first image sensors manufactured on Cypress's high-volume, low-cost 0.13-mm CMOS process optimized for image sensors. The image sensors take advantage of Cypress's proprietary, high fill-factor pixel architecture, eliminating the need for microlenses. With a maximum resolution of 3710 x 2434 pixels, the sensors are capable of delivering superior image quality, color rendition and dynamic range. They are ideally suited for camera-makers targeting advanced amateurs, photo enthusiasts and professional photographers.

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