If you've ever spent any time as a self-employed photographer, you've no doubt heard countless rationales from clients about why you should work for free, or at least lower your rate. PhotographyTalk.com posted a pitch-perfect list of five classic lines that not only ring true to those of us on staff with freelance backgrounds, but would be perfect punchline setups in an Aaron Johnson 'What The Duck' comic strip. Do any of these sound familiar? How have you responded when they've been put to you?

'It will mean great exposure for you.'

'If you don't want to do it for free, I know other photographers who will.'

'We could just find a stock photo if you're not interested.'

'My cousin has a DSLR and I think I can get him to do it if you don't want to.'

And finally, my personal favorite:

'If all goes well, it could lead to paid opportunities with our company.'