Polaroid has announced the Polaroid Go, a compact, wearable instant camera designed as an homage to the iconic rainbow-stripe Polaroid One Step from yesteryear.

‘The Polaroid Go camera leans on Polaroid’s iconic heritage of design while creating a new format of instant cameras for a new generation,’ says Polaroid. The camera, which Polaroid says is the smallest analog instant camera in the world, measures 10.4cm (4.1") long, 8.4cm (3.3") wide and 6.1cm (2.4") tall.

Features include a polycarbonate resin lens, a selfie mirror, a self-timer, a built-in ‘dynamic flash,’ a double exposure mode and a battery capable of shooting through up to 15 packs of the square-format Go instant film. Polaroid says the aperture is variable between F12 and F52, while the shutter speed is variable at increments between 1/125 and 30 seconds.

As for the new i-Type Go film, it’s a smaller version of the original iconic Polaroid instant film. Whereas the original Polaroid instant measured 3.5" across, the new Polaroid Go instant film measures 2.1" across, with the iconic square print centered at the top with room beneath it for writing the date, a note or other details.

Below is a gallery of sample images taken on the Polaroid go with Go instant film:

The Polaroid Go Starter Set is available to pre-order for $120, with the first units expected to ship starting April 27. A two-pack of Polaroid Go instant film, which includes a total of 16 instant prints, will retail for $20, while the camera alone will retail for $100.