Future Nikon models will provide a better balance between resolution and high ISO image quality than in the recently launched D3S, according to Nobuaki Sasagaki, General Manager of the Marketing Department of Nikons Imaging Division, speaking in an exclusive interview with dpreview.com.

In the D3S, Nikon placed top priority on high ISO performance, Sasagaki told us, but there will be a 'better balance' in future cameras. Asked about how video will be integrated into future models, Sasagaki told us that Nikon is putting a lot of effort into reconciling still capture and video ergonomics in its DSLRs. In improving video integration, Mr Sasagaki wanted to make clear that Nikon will not sacrifice still image quality for the sake of a better video experience. He did hint, however, that Nikon is looking into ways of integrating video, as well as still image editing into its bundled software.

At present, according to Sasagki, Nikon regards video as a function that is of more use to users of lower-end cameras, but ultimately will be a standard function across Nikons entire DSLR range. He also told us that Nikon is set to expand its DSLR range in the near future, but would not be drawn on details, hinting only that the company has 'good news' on the way for its enthusiast DSLR customers.

He rejected suggestions that the other manufacturers mirrorless systems represent a threat to Nikons low-end DSLRs, and said instead that the new segment is 'an opportunity' for all manufacturers, not only Nikon. Asked whether Nikon plans to join this new segment of the market, Mr Sasagaki would only say that mirrorless cameras are 'one solution, but not the only solution.' In some categories of the market, Mr Sasagaki told us that he expects mirrorless cameras will become the norm, but not in all.

When asked whether the recently unveiled AF-S 16-35mm f/4 VR represents the first in a new line of smaller, more affordable fixed-aperture optics aimed at these very same users, Mr Sasagki would not discuss specifics, but told us 'if customers want it, we will provide.'