Olympus has today announced that it wil launch a combined digital camera, image viewer and music player called the m:robe early next year. Information is very sketchy at the moment with no technical spec available or images but Olympus says it has an 'eye-catching, minimalist design'. It is due to be released early next and the price is yet to be confirmed. The only other company to release a similar product is Fuji with the FinePix 40i in June 2000.

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Press Release:

Setting life to music

The Olympus m:robe – musical memory maker

Cologne , 27 September 2004 – Music and images are such an important part of memory. Out of nowhere a piece of music can set the pulse racing with vivid memories of life’s most potent moments, while a picture can paint a 1000 words. By combining the two the Olympus m:robe allows you to capture and remember events in an evocative manner.

The m:robe is a digital camera, image viewer and a music player all in one, so it’s easy to combine personal pictures with the tunes that make the difference between a picture and a memory. Amazing adventures and memorable experiences can be recorded in photo albums and combined with tracks that evoke the mood of the moment. The m:robe literally sets life to music.

The m:robe looks great too. An eye-catching minimalist design, it is the next ‘must have’ for the style conscious. And if it’s just the tunes you’re after, m:robe is also available as a music player-only version.

The Olympus m:robe is planned for release in early 2005 – Price TBC.

For more information and where to buy Olympus products please go to www.olympus.co.uk or call free on 0800 072 0070.