Blast from the past: Photographing steam locomotives
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Blast from the past: Photographing steam locomotives

Photo by Matthew Malkiewicz

How did you get started photographing trains?

'It all started at the age of 4 months. I have a photo of myself watching a toy train run around the Christmas tree as a baby, it must have hooked me well. As a kid I had a model train layout on a piece of plywood in the basement, and in my teens I received my first camera which I aimed at every train I saw.

After a long period in my life without cameras or trains a job assignment in Colorado (a train mecca) during 2005 rekindled both hobbies, driving me to buy my first digital camera... It’s been a snowball effect ever since, these days most of my vacations are planned around and spent photographing special railroad related events, private train photo charters and historical places.'